Tone 2 – Vespers

This page is designed with the goal of helping the choir of Saints Peter and Paul Church to learn/remember the “model melody” of tone 2. Keep in mind that in the practice of Sts. Peter and Paul Church we use “Thee” and “Thy” instead of “You” and “Your”. (Credit: OCA.ORG)


Tone 6 – Vespers

This page is designed with the goal of helping the choir of Saints Peter and Paul Church to learn/remember the “model melody” of tone 6. Keep in mind that in the practice of Sts. Peter and Paul Church we use “Thee” and “Thy” instead of “You” and “Your”(Credit: OCA.ORG)


Annual Parish Meeting 2014

Our Annual Parish Meeting is scheduled for Sunday, November 9th, 2014. The meeting will begin following Divine Liturgy and lunch in our parish hall. Below you can find some important information pertaining the upcoming meeting:

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120 Years of Orthodoxy in Buffalo and New York State!

It was a glorious weekend on September 27-28, 2014 at Saints Peter and Paul Orthodox Church, Buffalo, NY. The clergy and faithful from the neighboring parishes gathered to celebrate 120th Anniversary of the oldest Orthodox Church in Buffalo. The celebration began with celebration of the Great Vespers on Saturday, September 27, 2014 followed by a reception and time a fellowship at Saints Peter and Paul Parish Hall.  The vespers were celebrated by the local clergy and Bishop Michael (Diocese of New York and New Jersey) in his homily exhorted the faithful of Saints Peter and Paul for continuing to make present the light of Orthodoxy in Buffalo.  (continue reading bellow the slideshow)

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The Divine Liturgy  on Sunday, September 28, 2014 began at 9:30 AM with the greeting of the Hierarch by the youth of the parish and Fr. Volodymyr Zablotskyy (recotor). The combined choir of singers from different Orthodox parishes in Buffalo, under the direction of Linda Mucyn, the choir director of Saints Peter and Paul Orthodox Church, lead the responses during the Divine Liturgy. Later at the end of the Divine Liturgy, the choir was exhorted and honored by Bishop Michael for the beautiful singing and in the congregation along with the present clergy sang to the choir “Many Years!”

During the Divine Liturgy, Fr. Volodymyr Zablotskyy was awarded Nabedrennik and Purple Skufia by Bishop Michael.  Following parishioners were awarded Gramotas by Bishop Micahel for their outstanding contributions and service to Saints Peter and Paul Orthodox Church: Martin Napiersky (current president of the parish council), Michael Balabasz (current vice-president of the parish council), George Mucyn, Kathernine Mazyrka, Katherine Vester, Nadine Cacci, Anne Mazyrka.

Following clergy took part in our celebrations: Fr. Alexej Karlgut (Sts. Peter and Paul Orthodox Church Endicott, NY), Fr. Jason Vansuch (St. George Orthodox Church), Fr. Yuriy Kasyanov (Holy Trinity Ukrainian Orthodox Church, Cheektowaga, NY), Fr. John Boddecker (St. Theodore Orthodox  Church, Williamsville, NY), Fr. Herman Schick (Attached to Sts. Peter and Paul Orthodox Church, Buffalo NY) Fr. Stephen Janos (Retired Rector of Sts. Peter and Paul Church, Buffalo NY), Fr. Michael Zaparyniuk (St. Herman Of Alaska Church, Lake Worth, FL), Dn. Mark Hoeplinger (St. George Orthodox Church, Buffalo, NY), Dn. Andrew Hammond (St. Theodore Orthodox Church, Willaimsville, NY).

Following the Divine Liturgy a banquet took place at Creekside Banquet Facility in Cheektowaga, NY.

Tone 4 – Vespers

This page is designed with the goal of helping the choir of Saints Peter and Paul Church to learn/remember the “model melody” of tone 4. Keep in mind that in the practice of Sts. Peter and Paul Church we use “Thee” and “Thy” instead of “You” and “Your”(Credit: OCA.ORG)


Tone 8 – Vespers

This page is designed with the goal of helping the choir of Saints Peter and Paul Church to learn/remember the “model melody” of tone 8. Keep in mind that this arrangement differs from the “red” Vespers book by Rev. Vladimir Soroka – also keep in mind that in the practice of Sts. Peter and Paul Church we use “Thee” and “Thy” instead of “You” and “Your”.


Tone 7 – Vespers

This page is designed with the goal of helping the choir of Saints Peter and Paul Church to learn/remember the “model melody” of tone 7. Keep in mind that this arrangement differs from the “red” Vespers book by Rev. Vladimir Soroka – keep in mind that in the practice of Sts. Peter and Paul Church we use “Thee” and “Thy” instead of “You” and “Your”.


Adopt A Seminarian 2014/2015

Steven Camp-1Raised $8,230 towards the $16,100 target.Few days ago we shared a wonderful news about our seminarian Steven Camp. Steven is very excited about his move to St. Hermans Sminary, but along with that excitement comes also realization that he may not be able to afford to pay the tuition. 

The yearly tuition at Saints Herman Seminary, where Steven is expected to be no later than August 27,  is $8,050 per semester for a single/unmarried student.

Our goal is to raise $16,100.00 over the course of next year to help Steven with his expenses, in addition to looking/asking for any scholarships that Steven might qualify for.

Remember that you can deduct this and your other donations to Saints Peter and Paul Orthodox Church when you file your tax return.

If you are not comfortable to make your donation on the internet, you can send us a check payable to:

Sts. Peter and Paul Orthodox Church

44 Benzinger St

Buffalo, NY 14205

Memo: Adopt a seminarian

Donate through GoFundMe

Donate through PayPal


We thank you for considering a donation. Please consider helping us out by sharing this page with your friends on Facebook and other social media websites. And of course feel free to come back and see how close we are to reaching our goal.

In Memory of +Valentine Kondratenko

Below is the reflection about Valla’s life that was offered to us today by her grandson Alex. The entire family deserves the credit for composing it.
Valentine Kondratenko

Valentine Kondratenko

“Yet you do not know what tomorrow will bring. What is your life? For you are a mist that appears for a little time and then vanishes.” – From the book of James 4:14

As a young girl Valla, who we affectionately refer to as Baba, had a happy home life in Russia. She would speak of accordion music in the house and her and her sisters dancing; Veggies in the garden, live stock on the farm, milking cows and life in a self-sustaining environment.

Her mom taught her at a young age everything she needed to know to make a great home for her future family. She did everything with excellence and mindfulness that she would carry with her throughout her life.

The family in Russia got separated tragically, when german soldiers entered Russia, the family lost all possessions; Baba and her sister were taken away on a train to Germany. They laid crying on a straw covered floor, their lives were turned upside-down. They were windswept?on the way to a new chapter of their lives.

After a few years when the war was over her sister returned to Russia, but Baba knew the conditions there were not good and decided to stay in Germany. She later found out her parents passed away from starvation. She was hardened to extreme difficulty in life at an early age.

She loved Germany, she made a good life with her husband, my grandfather Wassily. Shortly-there-after my father, Val was born. She loved to tell stories about riding on the motorcycle with her husband, and bicycle rides with my father, along the countryside.

Her and her husband, heard from friends in America; there we?re opportunities in Buffalo, he could get a factory job immediately upon moving. She was reluctant, but the left Germany for yet another chapter in her life. They made the transatlantic journey on a propeller plane with their son, a couple bags of possessions, $50, and faith. She settled her family in the heart of a polish community. She vowed never to get on a plane again and held true to that statement throughout her life.

Her ability to speak Russian, German, Ukrainian and Polish, eased her transition to life in Western New York?because she kept within a tight circle of immigrant friends around the Broadway market area and she never lost her multilingual abilities.

Her and her husband were hard working people through their lives, her husband starting working two days after arriving here and she starting working a couple weeks thereafter. They did what they needed to do to sustain and build a good life here. She didn’t think twice about taking buses to get to work, even on the bitterest of winter mornings.

She was a perfectionist. She prided herself on dressing the best for any event, wiether it was for Sunday church, the grocery, or dancing and partying with her friends, her Sunday best was everyday of the week.

This mentality also translated to her house and yard. Everything was meticulous, everything had its place. Her home hadn’t changed in the 30 years that I?ve seen it. She took pride in the appearance of everything and loved the compliments she got from that. Her floor was cleaner than the grounds of Disney world; nothing was ever out of place.

When my dad met my mom, Susie, as baba would call her, she became the daughter she always wanted, teaching her cooking, running the household, and caring for Oliver and I, she helped make my mom and even better mom.

Baba was not only a mentor to my mom, but also a fashion consultant?they would make frequent trips to the mall or the thrift store looking for bargains.

She was famous for her hamburgers that we affectionately called baba burgers, part turkey, pork, beef combination with just the right amount of onions. We could never leave her house without having a 4-course meal. First borsht, then baba burgers, perigee and some type of peach dessert. Everything was from scratch. And she always left us with oversized portions for everyone to take home.

She was very direct and forthright in her opinions. She would be the first to tell you that your dessert was not good because it too sweet. Or if you didn’t wear a hat, “What’s the matter with you, you?re going to catch a cold”. And it would always be said in that baba way that you took to heart, she was straightforward in her delivery and didn’t leave anything to the imagination, and there was not way you would leave a conversation with her without one good honest. It was in her own, unique language.

The way she showed love was through generosity, service and dedication. She always kept in contact with her sisters, sending dozens upon dozens of care packages containing warm clothing and letters for her sister’s, their 8 children. Her sister, Maria said, ?nobody has a sister like Valla?. Baba sent her most recent package a few weeks ago.

Dedication. She and her husband, were both dedicated to their parish, this parish, St Peter and Paul Orthodox church, the home of the priest that sponsored their coming to America in 1955. She eventually would reside across the street from here and remained faithful to the church both financially and as an active member for nearly 60 years, even throughout times when peers and friends were attending more popular orthodox parishes throughout Buffalo.

Dedication. Baba was tireless. After retirement she would help my father with his furniture repair, and selling and negotiating sales at Antique World.

She never held a grudge and disliked gossip. If you told her a secret, it was a secret for life. She had over 80 years of excellent health, outlasting many of her dear friends, with a constitution and stamina that would best most of us despite her age.

Throughout my childhood and into adulthood, she served as a cornerstone to the family. When Baba started to slow down a bit, my dad would continue to take care of her house to her high standard, and my mom put fourth her best efforts in, not only taking her to doctors appointments, but being a friend, confidant and companion.

In recent years, she would say that the world is turning bad all over?Baba, with your unconditional love for dad, mom, Oliver and I, you’ve made your our world seem like a great place. You will be sorely missed.

For those you love, make each kiss a little sweeter, and your hugs a little longer for you dont know if you will have tomorrow.

Congratulations Seminarian Steven Camp!

Seminarian Steven Camp

Reader Steven Camp – Now Seminarian!

On Monday, Steven Camp informed me that he has been accepted to Saint Herman Orthodox Seminary in Kodiak, Alaska. Steven is expected to be at the Seminary no later than August 27th.

As Steven embarks on this journey, we would like to ask every one to pray for him daily.

On Sunday, August 23, 2014 following the Divine Liturgy we will host farewell luncheon for Steven – please make sure to mark your calendars.

O Lord Jesus Christ, enkindle the heart Thy servant reader Steven with the fire of zealous love for Thee, that he may ever seek Thy glory;  Give him strength to study and discern his vocation and that he may continue to glorify Thine All-Honorable and Majestic Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, now and ever, and unto ages of ages. Amen.

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