Dome Repairs at Saints Peter and Paul Orthodox Church

#FF0000 Raised $18,692 towards the $54,880 target.

Glory to Jesus Christ!
Dear Friends, on July 19, 2017, Saints Peter and Paul Orthodox Church embarked on the mission of repairing our church. If you have been to our church, you know how much our Church edifice is in need of tender loving care.

What one sees on the inside the church is only symptomatic of the conditions of the building on the exterior –missing terra cotta tiles on the main dome; the condition of the roof substructure, water seepage through to the interior walls. While the structural integrity of the building remains intact, we cannot let the exterior leaks continue to cause further damage. It is imperative to initiate these exterior repairs.

To repair both the needs of the inside and outside of our Church is beyond our means at this time and proves to be too big of a burden for our small community. Along with the Board, we have decided to divide major repairs into segments, tackling each one at a time.

Our first such project is the main dome of our Church. During this stage, we will be replacing many missing terra cotta tiles, reinforcing wooden support structure of the dome and eliminate the water leaks. The photos below reflect a small portion of damaged areas of the main dome – click on images to see a larger resolution.

The cost of this project is $54,880.00, and we know that because of your generosity, love and prayerful support we will achieve this goal.

If you would like to support this project you may mail your donation to SS. Peter & Paul Orthodox Church44 Benzinger St Buffalo, NY 14206 (Memo: Dome Repairs)

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If you or your business consider making a donation in excess of $10,000.00, please consider sending us the check instead of making an online donation.