Sts. Peter & Paul Community Meals – You Are Invited!


Every Sunday – 11:45AM- 1PM


Sts. Peter and Paul Church Hall

44 Benzinger St

Buffalo, NY 14206

What is this about?

Every Sunday, after the Divine Liturgy (Orthodox Christian Eucharist Celebration) our parish gathers for a coffee hour, and we would like to open our door to any one who wants to join us. We are in particular looking forward to see our neighbors and friends from Lovejoy neighborhood of Buffalo, but even if you are from another continent, we are most welcome to join us!

Do I need to pay for the meal?

Our Community Meals are free, but if you like to offer your help in preparing food, offer a donation or otherwise support us please call 716 893 0044.

Do I have to attend your services in Church?

No, you don’t have to come and pray with us. Feel free to come and join us for the meal itself.

Anything else I need to know?

As many other churches and charitable organization we operate on a low budget and we would greatly appreciate your help to spread the word about our Community Meals. So please share this page with your friends anyway you can!

Meet the Author

Fr Vlad

Father Volodymyr ("Vlad") Zablotskyy - Rector of Saints Peter and Paul Orthodox Church - from August, 2011 until present. Father Vlad enjoys cooking, gardening and claims to make the best sourdough bread in Buffalo.

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