The Musica Vera Duo To Perform at Saints Peter and Paul on Sunday October 30, 2016

On Sunday, October 30, 2016, The Musica Vera Duo will perform a concert during our regular coffee hour. The concert will begin at approximately 11:30. Feel free to join us for our coffee hour. Or better yet! Come to the celebration of the Divine Liturgy at 10:00AM and then stay with us and enjoy the concert!

About The Musica Vera Duo
The Musica Vera Duo explores and performs music from contrasting cultures of the classical tradition, including transcriptions of ancient chant, dance suites, folk songs, theatrical works, and more. Incorporating history, literature, and the dramatic arts, Musica Vera presents concerts that engage the ears, minds, and hearts of its audience members.

Violist Mark Bailey and Guitarist Kevin Sherwin give to their audiences through informative interaction, as well as creative programming and superior musicianship. As they present innovative, imaginative, and stirring musical renditions of both well-known and not so well-known works, they further reach out to the audience through explanation, demonstration, and participation. Each piece has a story to tell, as Music Vera engages the audience’s imagination and transports the listening experience to heightened levels of musical appreciation. Many will recognize pieces they know, but also will hear them performed from a fresh perspective through the unique musical color scheme of the combined viola and guitar sound.

What can you expect to hear at their concert?

An original composition by Mark Bailey, exploring ancient chant melodies expanded into contemporary multi-voice textures; original arrangements of beloved Ukrainian folk songs; Russian court songs of the 18th century; Italian sonatas of the 19th century salon gatherings; an original composition by Kevin Sherwin, fusing contemporary poetry with Romantic-era melodies.

We are looking forward to see you!

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